Ice Rink Fun

$50 off Residential or Commercial Ice Skating Rinks

Set up an ice rink in your own backyard!

We provide outdoor winter fun with backyard Ice rinks that are set up on your own property! These rinks can stay all winter long give you the freedom to skate, play hockey, have social gatherings, or just have a good time with your family. There’s no waiting in line and no checking skate times.

Most importantly, our service is dead simple, and completely hassle-free. We take care of rink delivery, placement, construction, and can even do liner installation, end-of-season tear-down, and summer storage. We make it as easy as possible for our customers.

We’ve got packages for any size, space, and budget. We can deliver the rinks right where you need them, set them up along with optional lighting and tenting, and take them down after the seasons over. We offer many different services & accessories such as safety nets, various side walls, summer storage, etc. We even offer refrigerated rinks that can remain operational up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit!


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