Just A Taste Confections

Free Purtle “kinda like a turtle”

Homemade Chocolate Confections, Caramels, Hot Chocolate Bombs and More!

​Just A Taste Confections was opened in 2015 after perfecting the caramel recipe and finding the best tasting chocolate in the Chicagoland area.

When it came to naming the store, Tammy and Jody were inspired by Tammy’s mother, Marian. Marian was a diabetic but loved her sweets. Marian would take a piece of candy, a cookie, or piece of cake, look at everyone, and state, “I’m just having a taste.”

So Just A Taste Confections was born.

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145 Hiawatha Drive Carol Stream, Illinois

Elmhurst, Illinois


(630) 254-2182

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