Okapi Bistro

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About Us

Okapi bistro is named after the Congolese africain giraffe called “Okapi” Unique to its kind and outshines the rest with its exceptional traits. Here at Okapi we provide exceptional service with a unique taste you can’t find anywhere else. Everything you eat is freshly cooked on the go to provide you with a genuine taste followed with complete satisfaction.

Just like in Africa, Okapi is family. It’s the perfect place to bring your loved ones to share a meal or simply dine together in our beautiful atmosphere made to provide you with the best possible memories. Our staffs are well equipped to provide aconsistent quality of hospitality that makes you feel at home and among family.


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369 W. Army Trail Rd Suite 11 Bloomingdale, Illinois

Elmhurst, Illinois


(630) 254-2182

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